The Kyrgyz Republic is famous for its water resources, abundant sunshine, and fertile plains. All raw materials for the production of direct-pressed juices are grown in Kyrgyzstan, including fruits and berries from the biosphere zone of the famous pearl of Issyk-Kul lake.

The integrated business model and cooperation with farms to support the agricultural sector provides our production with 100% of its own raw materials.

Juices of the “Organic” trademark are 100% natural juice of direct extraction (NFC - not from concentrate), produced by mechanical pressing of local, ecologically clean, fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables.

The production of direct-pressed juices is carried out on leading European equipment, with strict observance of sanitary and hygienic standards at each stage, which guarantees high-quality products in accordance with international standards.


Production process on the example of apple-pear juice:


The Organic trademark is the leading brand in the Kyrgyz market in the category of direct pressing juices. Products are exported to the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, as well as to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, deliveries were made to some European countries.

In the assortment of the “Organic” brand, there are 7 flavors of natural juices of direct extraction: apple, apple-pear, apple-apricot, apple-plum, multifruit (apple, pear, cherry), apple-carrot and apple-beet, as well as 100% natural tomato juice.

Apple juice NFC

1.0 л0.75 л0.25 л

Apple-pear NFC juice

1.0 л0.75 л0.25 л

Apple-apricot NFC juice

1.0 л0.75 л0.25 л

Multifruit NFC juice

1.0 л0.75 л0.25 л

Apple-carrot NFC juice

1.0 л0.75 л0.25 л