We guarantee quality!


Dear friends!
We want to share with you an announcement.

“Ecoproduct Asia” LLC began its activities in 2013 and was the first to introduce branded juice of direct extraction under the “Organic” brand on the Central Asian market.
Organic juices are 100% natural juices, which are produced by direct pressing of fresh, ripe, juicy fruits and vegetables grown with care by local farmers in our sunny country.

We grow and develop dynamically, offering you new varied tastes. Today, the assortment of “Organic” direct extraction juices is presented in 7 types of natural juices of direct extraction: apple, apple-pear, apple-apricot, apple-plum, multifruit (apple, pear, cherry), apple-carrot and apple-beetroot , as well as restored 100% natural tomato juice.

Also this year, our range has been replenished with another brand - “Toy Daamy”.

“Toy Daamy” is a natural and tasty juice-containing drink at an affordable price that perfectly matches dishes of the holiday table!

In our plans to further develop our range with a variety of high-quality juices and drinks that will bring pleasure and benefit our consumers, because this is the main mission of Ecoproduct Asia.
And so that our consumers know that it is our company that is the manufacturer of our product range, trusting the high quality of our production, we would like to present you the company logo of Ecoproduct Asia LLC

We guarantee quality!