1. What is the composition of NFC juice?

The composition of any juice of direct extraction contains only fruits and/or vegetables. For example, apple juice is made from the direct extraction of apples with no added sugar, preservatives, flavorings, water, and GMOs.

2. What is the shelf life of the juice before the opening?

Shelf life is 12 months. After opening it is 3 months.

3. How can such a long shelf life be possible?

The juice undergoes pasteurization that allows it to store longer.

4. What is difference of other juice from your directly extracted juice?

Other juices are usually made from concentrate, nectar or a mix. These types of juices are produced by mixing the concentrated juice (puree), water and sugar. In addition to these ingredients, such juices may contain in them citric acid, ascorbic acid, preservatives, flavorings and sweeteners.

5. Can I put the package in the fridge?

Of course you can! Juice can be cooled and poured directly from the refrigerator. The recommended temperature is not below 5 degrees Celsius. Our NFC juice is juice made from fresh fruits and/or vegetables, which goes through the process of pasteurization (thermal treatment). Pasteurization is used to extend the shelf life of food products. With this type of treatment vegetative forms of microorganisms are killed, while the nutritional values, such as vitamins and minerals are kept and preserved .