We are proud to produce juices for you! We offer unique high-quality juices that will satisfy the highest needs of your customers!



High-quality products, high service and favorable conditions of cooperation are the main principles of our company.

What advantages and benefits do we offer?

A wide range of products. 8 flavors of unique 100% organic brand juices, premium segment: apple, apple-pear, apple-apricot, apple-plum, multifruit (apple, pear, cherry), apple-carrot and apple-beet, as well as reconstituted 100 % natural tomato juice. More

The budget line of juice drinks brand "TOY Daamy", 3 top flavors: apple, cherry and tropic. More

Convenient format of packing Bag in box 3 liters. It is a modern and convenient solution for packaging liquid food products, which allows you to extend the life of the product. Due to the peculiarities of the packaging, the products are stored for a month after opening the package, and the tap makes pouring convenient. Production in the Bag in box format 3 liters - Organic and TOY Daamy.

The mobile packaging format is a 250 and 750 ml glass bottle for Organic Juices. Exclusive bottle shape designed specifically for our company. It is pleasant and convenient to hold the bottle in your hand, and the bottleneck allows you to comfortably drink the juice for both adults and children.


Fast and reliable delivery - we cooperate with leading logistics companies. We will select for you the most favorable and reliable delivery terms.

We provide a personal approach to each of our partners. Our team will advise you on the range, will help with the miscalculation of logistics, will provide samples and information materials products.


Contact us in a convenient way for you, and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide all the necessary information.


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